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WorldLingo, is a leading innovator and provider of translation and localization services and technology. WorldLingo continues to advance Internet translation with new technologies and features designed to provide a seamless experience for consumers. Headquartered in Nevada, WorldLingo has a rich history of innovation and today performs thousands of translations every day for business, governments and organizations around the globe.


To help people communicate and do business in foreign markets by working together with our clients, and creating a flexible, reliable and open relationship for success. We are creative and proactive to meet tight timeframes with a high-quality service and a cost effective budget.

A history of innovation

Founded in 1998, the company was inspired by an international group of experienced IT and translation professionals who believed that clear structures, a flat hierarchy and a flexible organization - internally and externally, would make complex client projects more manageable.

The company name came from the joining of the word world and the English noun lingo (borrowed from lingoa, a Portuguese descendant of Latin lingua) meaning an unintelligible or unfamiliar language or vocabulary of a characteristic group.

Today WorldLingo has grown into a global organization with offices in Europe, America, and Asia, giving the company a "follow the sun" capability that not only involves in-country specialists, but also allows for faster turnaround quality projects, on time. Currently, several thousand websites rely on WorldLingo's innovative translation technologies to conduct successful international business each day.

The Secret Sauce

It comes as a surprise to many people that a large portion of the costs for translation projects involves the handling of files and associated pick up/put down work rather than the actual human translation of words.

In an effort to pass cost savings onto its clients, WorldLingo decided early on to apply the highly efficient file handling technologies it had developed for automated translations to the world of human translation and localization. By doing so WorldLingo has been able to significantly reduce the cost of performing high quality human translations. Cost savings do not affect the time, effort, and care each of our professional translators put into each translation - it simply eliminates the costly file handling overheads.

WorldLingo's technology delivers additional benefit to clients apart from cost savings. Since it eliminates so much manual file handling work - which takes time - the turnaround time for each project is significantly reduced. In today's fast moving world, where you need to act now, WorldLingo can deliver you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Milestone Highlights

  • First company under one brand to provide both enterprise level real-time machine translation and professional quality human translation, from in-country translators, in all commercial languages.
  • First to deliver 1 click translation system
  • Delivers Internet's first bi-directional real-time email translation system
  • First to provide automated quote for human translation to enhance real-time machine translation of text and email
  • First to provide in-browser application for the translation of web pages
  • Launches Internet's first real-time translation website translation product with a customizable GUI and advanced translation features.
  • First to provide automated quoting on machine translations.
  • Most advanced translation features
  • Pioneers Seamless Translation, a translation asset management system to enable easy workflow for large volume projects


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Las Vegas NV 89120
United States

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